Business in Global Economy – Dynamic Module for Students in Move

On-line version of Application Form

Tuition Fee

Tuition for the module is 49 000 Czech koruna. Payments must be made in Czech koruna.


Entry Requirements

A. Sending the on-line application form and English test certificate

a. Students who do not need a visa are welcome to send the application form any time before the end of August 2013.

b. Students who need a visa must send the application form before the end of August 2013, and January 31, 2014 respectively.

c. Send a validated scan of the English test results certificate.

B. The University College of Business in Prague will review all the original documents during registration.

C. Payment of fees

a. Pay the admission fee - 500 Czech koruna (bank information can be found on on-line application form)

b. Pay the tuition fee - 49 000 Czech koruna 

D. Issue of the Confirmation of Admission

a. Once all administrative documents and payments mentioned are received and approved by the University College of Business in Prague, a confirmation of admission to study will be issued and sent to applicant (this document is required to obtain the study visa).

E. Submission of official validation of Bachelor Diploma

a. Students are requested to submit the official validation of their Bachelor Diploma before the end of the 1st semester at the latest. This process could last more than one month and the University College of Business cannot fully accept the applicant without this document!

F. Recommendation

a. It is recommended to applicants to come to the Czech Republic at least two weeks before classes officially begin.



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