Dynamic Increase of Applicants

Recent years have clearly shown that the University College of Business has gained an important place among universities in the Czech Republic. More than 3300 students are enrolled here at present, in different forms of study. The University College of Business offers progressive fields of study which enable the graduates to get easily a work position in tourism, business and aviation companies and services.

The University College of Business is a private university offering its students education in the fields of tourism, corporate sector and aviation, in both bachelor and master degree programmes. We are not aimed at theoretical knowledge only, but also at the application of gained knowledge in practical life.


As the results of surveys show, most graduates have no problems finding a position on the labour market. This fact proves the quality of the fields of study which prepare the graduates for the work in practice. Most graduates of the bachelor degree continue their studies in the follow-up master degree programme. The quality of degree programmes and staffing is also reflected in the fact that in 2009 the Ministry of Education Accreditation Commission approved another study programme Aviation Business Management in the follow-up master degree programme.


The tuition fee at the University College of Business is among the lowest in the market of private higher education. We guarantee at the same time that the tuition fee will not change during the study..

Flight Operations

One of VSO bachelor study branches nemed “Flight Operations” is focused on complex activities in civil aviation, associated with the air operation and security of aircraft operations. The basis for the field of theoretical disciplines related to air traffic, content-based primarily on the requirements of civil aviation regulations for the operation of aircraft and flight crew licensing. Study presents a comprehensive theoretical knowledge of qualified professionals and also gives the opportunity to continue in the master study related disciplines with a focus on air transport.

Students acquire knowledge and skills in particular on:

• Theoretical foundations flight, general knowledge of aircraft, preparation of flight, navigation during the flight and flight monitoring;
• Power and technological - operational characteristics of transport aircraft;
• Licensing of aviation personnel;
• Airworthiness requirements and verification of aircraft;
• Human factor’s issue and human resources in the aviation;
• Commercial - economic processes of air carriers;
• Air traffic management, air traffic control;
• Process of business and technological handling of aircraft operations…


The graduates are prepared for:

• Licensed professions of flight operations (i.e. airline pilots, air traffic controllers ...);
• Executive roles and functions of the executive management of air operators;
• Different functions in air traffic services;
• Executive roles and functions of the executive management of the airport operators;
• All levels of executive positions of handling companies;
• Different positions in civil aviation authorities;
• Approved flight training organizations…


Characteristics and field goals:

Branch is based on the study of theoretical disciplines related to air operations, content is based primarily on the requirements of Civil Aviation Regulations (Part FCL, EU-OPS ...). Bachelor's degree in flight operations is a comprehensive training of qualified specialists and content overlaps the requirements of mentioned regulations, it is the first instance a university education (graduate obtains academic degree Bc.). And also gives the opportunity to continue in the master study related disciplines with a focus on air transport. The study is designed for graduates of secondary schools, graduates of secondary vocational schools in the relevant fields.

The main purpose built study program is to offer high professionalism and preparedness for the profession in an environment of civil air traffic. Especially with regard to the fulfillment of the basic precondition for the success and efficiency of flight operations while meeting high demands on air traffic safety and respect for the environment.

The candidate must meet the following requirements:

Applicants for study of Flight Operations branch should have adequate knowledge of mathematics, physics and English. Study expects in these disciplines a good foundation at the secondary level. The candidate would be able to show a certificate issued graduating high school (final year, graduation). Study of Flight Operations is only accredited full-time study.

Flight operations are extremely complex and demanding system. It is based on high demands in the field of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Therefore, there are executive positions "licensed" feature - a function for which power is required license (pilot, air traffic controllers, aircraft maintenance). But other unlicensed function for the profession requiring a maximum depth theoretical background. Just so, the system boasts a high operational safety and high quality services. Believe that dim knowledge and human error can produce and deliver fatal consequences in this area. On the other hand, this sector is very attractive, but not enough to see only that aspect of the field of study.

Students aspiring to licensed functions in flight operations must comply with the requirements of medical fitness. These requirements are set out in our current aviation regulations on eligibility for first class transport and business pilots, 2nd class competence for cabin crew and 3rd class capability for air traffic controllers. Medical fitness verifies the Civil Aviation Authority approved health facility.

VSO combines and co-operates the study with approved training organizations for aviation personnel. VSO in such activities acts as the subcontractor of theoretical instruction for approved training organizations. For this purpose, the university closes with appropriate training organizations agreements aimed at the integration of theoretical study in Flight Operations exercised with practical training in an approved training organization. Thus, it is possible to complete the relevant training (pilots, air traffic controllers or cabin crew) only in the ATO. The applicant for study becomes a student of the school day of enrollment for the first year. Method of registration determines the Rector of the VSO in accordance with the study and examination regulations of the school.

Organization of studies:

Study is constituted within a degree program in Air Operations. The curriculum is organized in the ECTS credit system. The weight of individual subjects of the curriculum is determined by the number of credits allocated. Credit reflects the scaled unit average workload of a student in the study of the subject. Credits for the subject student gains after successful completion, ie. after granting a credit, graded credit or passing a test under the conditions of Study and Examination Regulations and defined syllabus.
During the three-year bachelor's degree student must earn at least 180 credits. In the individual categories of objects it is yet to branch Flight Operations should be obtained from:
- In compulsory subjects and practical training 156 credits;
- For the development, submission and successful defense of the thesis 12 credits;
- In compulsory optional subjects at least 12 credits.

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