The main goals of UCB creative activities are to increase the involvement of academic staff in external grant projects of applied and basic research, as well as to increase and improve their publishing activities, especially in journals included in the Web of Science and SCOPUS databases. This is made possible by the systematic support of science and research, which is a long-term priority of UCB.

The implementation of scientific research activities indirectly helps the professional growth of academic staff, increasing their ability to guarantee programs and courses within the accreditations obtained and prepared. They also considerably increase the quality of higher education in all study programs carried out at UCB. The university also emphasizes the wider involvement of students, especially graduates in master's programs, in undertaking selected research projects.

Year 2020

TAČR project, ETA program, registration number TL02000569 in progress

Name of the project: Research into the potential of introducing local currency for sustainable local development

Chief investigator for UCB: doc. RNDr. Vladimír Krajčík, Ph.D.

Research period: 2019-2021

Project annotation: The subject of the project is to research factors affecting the possibility of introducing so-called local currency as a tool for the development of the local economy and support for the introduction of a sustainable economy. The first working local systems using elements of barter trade or their own local currency already exist in the Czech Republic and other parts of the world. The aim of the project is to map out these systems, evaluate their operation and design a working model for the selected area. The main benefit of introducing local currency should be the creation of a new tool to support the local economy and to assist cooperation between traditional local producers and their connection to their natural and closest customers, i.e. the inhabitants of the region. The researchers of the project want to explore the potential of local currency primarily as a tool to support elements of a sustainable economy and sustainable development. Many concepts and strategies of sustainable development remain on paper due to the insufficient mapping of the behavior of the population and the reluctance of the population to change their established behavior and stereotypes. The researchers will use selected elements of the concepts of healthy cities and smart cities to explore the possibilities of mutual support and interaction. The region of Těšín Silesia will be used for validation purposes and the acquired knowledge will then be offered to other regions that are facing problems, enabling them to use this tool to find innovative solutions for the development of their regions.

Year 2018

FRV project registration number 1/2017 is in progress:

Name of the project: Selected concepts for assessing the quality of accommodation and catering services in the Czech Republic

Chief investigator: Ing. Jana Kalousová

Research period: 1 September 2017 – 1 November 2018

Project annotation: The aim of this internal scientific project is to evaluate selected concepts for assessing the quality of accommodation and catering services in the Czech Republic, from the customer's perspective, from the company's perspective as the provider of tourism services, and also from the perspective of specific norms and standards used to measure the quality of services. Part of the project is the connection between the sustainability and quality of the services provided in the field of tourism, which is enshrined in corporate social responsibility (CSR). The project also includes an evaluation of the use of CSR in accommodation and catering services with the introduction of specific tools. This project was launched in 2017.

Year 2017


Sponsor: Grant Agency Academic Alliance

Name of the project: The attitude of Generations Y and Z to sports activities and sports tourism

Chief investigator: Doc. Ing. Alžbeta Kiráľová, Ph.D.

Research period: 28 February 2017 – 31 August 2017

Project annotation: The project aimed to fill a gap in research and join existing studies in the field of sports tourism, to provide a unique view of the attitude of Generations Y and Z to sports activities and sports tourism, taking into account the influence of Generations Y and Z on the sports tourism market, in order to discover the preferences of consumer behavior when choosing a destination for these two segments in the Czech Republic. The project was successfully completed in accordance with the tender documentation.


Sponsor: Grant Agency Academic Alliance

Name of the project: "Start_up projects / Introduction of a newly conceived course"

Chief investigator: Ing. Jitka Zichová

Research period: 28 February 2017 – 15 August 2017

Project annotation: The project aimed at introducing a newly conceived course, which would fill the gap between information obtained in ordinary academic education and knowledge, i.e. their practical application in a real work environment. The project was successfully completed and contributed considerably to the involvement of students in scientific research activities.






  • absolvent

    Adam KlavíkTourism Management

    I graduated with a bachelor's degree from the College of European and Regional Studies in České Budějovice and transferred to UCB in Prague to do my master's degree. Great choice – UCB is much more like a public school and the quality of lecturers is 100% better. For example, my teacher Mrs. Palatková is someone to know in tourism.

  • absolvent

    Jan Šrámek

    At UCB, I learned to be independent and gained experience in the field. Wherever we entered student competitions, we walked away with awards. During my studies I became part of the organizational structure of several projects in tourism. I can't wait to start working full time.

  • absolvent

    Petra Benešová

    I graduated from UCB, now I teach here. Much has changed over the years. The school is constantly moving forward, focusing more on gaining practice, the subjects are more professional and tightly focused. Although the competition on the market is huge, UCB is doing very well and I can heartily recommend it.

  • absolvent

    Jana Valentová

    Schools graduated from: School of Performing Arts, PALESTRA Academy of Physical Education and Sport, University College of Business. Motto: Don't be a jerk in life or liar on stage! "So which title do you use?" "None." Laughter. "More important is what I have in my head."

  • absolvent

    Kristína Jíšová

    UCB is one of the few schools in the Czech Republic that really does offer experience. During our studies, we worked on projects where the results were then taken up by the National Monuments Institute. Many lectures were also given by external lecturers, so we learned how things really work in the world.

  • absolvent

    Simona Kremerová

    She works as a Program Coordinator at Smaller Earth. In 2009, she did an internship in New York. She lived in England for three and a half years and worked for an Australian travel agency. Work never bothered Simona, so when she was given the chance to go to America to work as kitchen help, she didn't hesitate for a moment. She got experience, made new friends, and traveled around the United States with the money she earned. This opened the door to job opportunities in Spain and England. She's working today.

  • absolvent

    Jakub Velička

    He studied aviation theory at Oxford Aviation Academy. He completed his practical training in the Czech Republic and Poland. He holds a CPL/ME/IR pilot license. As a child, Jakub dreamed of becoming a pilot one day. He faced a twisting road to it and had to sacrifice a lot. He started off by studying Marketing Communication at the University of Finance and Administration in Prague, then moved to Airline Management at UCB. To save time and money on pilot training, he started his own company. Today he is within reach of his dream.