Study applications


Applications for studies on VŠO in the academic year 2017/2018 can be submitted:

  • from the 1st of February 2017 to the 31st of October 2017
  • from the 1st of November 2017 to the 28th of February 2018 (applies to studies from February)


Electronic application

  • Click on the Submit application button.
  • Here you will enter the e-application system as a new user.
  • It is important to remember your username and password.
  • Choose a branch of study that you wish to study.
  • Fill out all personal details, addresses and choose the languages in which you wish to study.
  • Pay the 400,- CZK fee for the application, the variable symbol will be generated by the e-application.
  • You can observe completion of your application all the time until you have been accepted.
  • You must not print out the e-application, it is available to you all the time on the school websites.
  • Should you forget your application password, you can change the password in the application Generate new password. For this option you must know your birth certificate number an email that you have used for your first login.
  • Send any officially verified documents regarding your previous education to the school address Spálená 14, Praha 1, 110 00.


Pre-enrolment confirmation for studies at VŠO

Should you receive a decision of acceptance for studies at VŠO of your chosen study branch, you will also receive a letter called “expression of will to study” – a so called “pre-enrolment confirmation” for studies on at VŠO. In this letter, you name, variable symbol, study branch and form of study will be listed. Furthermore, the day until which you must express your wish to study at VŠO is listed here. You will find a link in this latter, where you will find the pre-enrolment confirmation, together with passwords. It is necessary to fill out all details in the pre-enrolment confirmation so that you could be admitted for your studies.


Course of filling-out of the pre-enrolment confirmation:

  • Enter the following link into your browser -, which is listed in the letter „Expression of will to study“
  • Input the login and password, which are both listed in the letter and log into your pre-enrolment confirmation
  • In „Confirmation of will to study“ it is necessary to confirm your will to study, so that you could view the rest of the links needed for your studies
  • Choose an optional subject in “Additional information (selection of subjects)”, if it is offered to you during the first semester. If there is “1. semester” listed next to the name of the optional subject, this means that it is a two-semester subject and you will continue with this subject into your 2nd semester of studies.
  • You can check your payment of the school fees for the winter semester in “School and other fees”. You will be able to enrol only after the payment for the winter semester has been paid.
  • In “ID photo”, insert you ID photo, which you will have in the information system of your school and also on your study card. The photo inserted by you is a subject to approval. Should your proto be rejected, it is necessary to insert a different photograph, which is more suitable. If your photo is approved, you will not have the possibility to input another one.
  • “Change of password into the electronic pre-enrolment system” – here you can change your password. Your login will stay the same.
  • „Log out from the pre-enrolment system“ - here you may log-out from the system.


We ask you to fill out all parts of the pre-enrolment confirmation, so that you could enrol for your studies.

  • Changes made after your enrolment will not be taken into consideration.


Printed SEVT application, or a printed VŠO application

  • You will not be able to observe the completion of your application when opting for a printed application.
  • We prefer an e-application.
  • A printed VŠO application is available in the Information centre of VŠO or in the office of study.
  • When paying the 400, Czech crowns, insert your birth certificate number as the variable symbol.
  • Send / bring the filled-out application to the school address.
  • Send an officially verified document regarding your previous education to the address of the school Spálená 14, Praha 1, 110 00, or bring it personally to the office of study
  • The SEVT application can be downloaded here download form


Application pre-enrolment for studies at VŠO

  • The course of this document is the same as with the electronical application.


School address

Vysoká škola obchodní v Praze, o. p. s.
Office of study
Spálená 14
110 00 Praha 1


Admission procedure fees and school fees

  • Administrative fee is 400,- CZK for Bachelor studies and 100,- CZK for Master’s, per one application
  • You will receive the information regarding school fee payments and the variable symbol together with the admission letter
  • Do not forget to add your variable symbol to the payment
  • Bank account: 27-3548880297/0100


Admission decision

  • Admission confirmation, including the contract and other necessary information, will be mailed to you by post
  • It is necessary to sign the contract and mail both versions back to the office of study
  • Then be present for enrolment for your studies at VŠO
  • It is necessary to attend the official matriculation to be officially accepted for your studies

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