Dear students,

Following the lifting of the state of emergency and Resolution 537 of the Government of the Czech Republic of 11 May 2020, a Rector's Measure was issued (OR_2020_013, the full text of the document is in the University Information System).

The above Rector's Measure restricts:

  • the possibility of individual study activities for students of all years at UCB to a maximum of 15 people (individual consultations, examinations, state final examinations).
  • visits to the library only for the purpose of receiving and turning in study literature. Using the library/study room for the full-time study of borrowed literature is prohibited. More information at: https://www.vso.cz/library-and-study-room. 
  • visits to the Study Department to deal with study matters to standard office hours. More information at: https://www.vso.cz/study-department. 
  • If you decide to visit UCB (to meet a lecturer during office hours, to the library or study department) you are obliged to complete and sign the AFFIDAVIT ATTESTING TO NO SYMPTOMS OF VIRAL INFECTIOUS DISEASE, which can be found in the Document Server.



  • Classroom lessons were suspended on 11 March 2020 pursuant to the emergency measure of the Ministry of Health, MZDR 10676/2020-1/MIN/KAN. All contact forms of lectures, seminars, exercises, colloquia and consultation hours in all fields of study and programs have been suspended, both in full-time and combined forms of studies. 
  • Full-time form of study:
    • o From 11 March 2020 until further notice, lessons at UCB in Prague will be done using the distance form:
      • All academic staff/lecturers will make all documents and material for lessons available to you in the Document Server (in the UIS), including pertinent didactic and methodological materials designed to support the distance form of learning (only for courses in the normal form of study). If the subject has no practical session, educators are recommended to give you accompanying homework that you will upload to the appropriate Vault (of the subject) by a precisely stipulated deadline.
      • For courses associated with practical sessions, your lecturer will assign you homework through the Document Server and inform you of the deadline for completing the assignment, which you will likewise upload to the appropriate Vault (of the subject). A separate Vault will be open for each task. Lecturers for full-time lessons can also use video conferencing consultations/teaching via the zoom.us or Microsoft Teams platforms. *
  • Combined form of study:
      • o Combined study has also been canceled until 18 April and then it will be replaced by a new schedule, which will be allocated to Friday (16:45 – 20:00), Saturday (8:30 – 19:00) and possibly Sunday, starting on Friday, 24 April 2020. Combined study will be taught from Friday, 24 April 2020, in videoconferencing form through Microsoft Teams (except for teaching language courses). For this purpose, you have been sent information regarding logging into Office 365 via UIS (notification email).  The combined study schedule will be published on 18 April 2020 (focus dates: 24-26 April 2020, 2-3 May 2020, 9-10 May 2020, 15-16 May 2020). You have also been contacted regarding the staff of UCB in Prague I    informed by telephone.
      • Recordings of lectures will be available in the Microsoft Teams environment for specific courses until the end of the semester. These recordings will then be deleted. The university will not use them after the end of the semester.

Exam period, state final exams and qualification work

For interim or final tests during this time of the emergency measure, E-learning tests and examinations will be used (through the UIS). Exams/credits can also be done through other means of distance communication (video conferencing, etc.). According to the Rector's Measure (OR_2020_013), exams/credits can also be done within the environment of UCB in Prague. You will be informed by your lecturers of the specific methods for the testing of individual courses. The specific means to complete your courses are listed in the syllabi of courses in the UIS.

The examination period LS 2019/20 for students who will take the state final exams in June 2020 begins, according to the Study Schedule for students taking the state final exam in June 2020, on 6 April 2020.

Due to the emergency situation, the examination period will be extended until 6 June 2020 so that exams/credits can be easily managed by students in combined study, students who complete their courses in a consultative form, and students on an individual study plan.

Registration for state final exams will take place between 25 May and 8 June 2020.

The examination period LS 2019/20 will take place according to the 2019/20 Academic Year Schedule, with an extension until 30 June 2020 (applies to students not taking the state final exams in June 2020).

The deadline for the submission of theses has been postponed as follows: for bachelor's theses the deadline for submission is 12 May 2020, for master's theses the deadline for submission is 19 May 2020. By these dates 12 May 2020 and 19 May 2020 respectively, the theses shall be uploaded to the UIS; the submission of theses in hard copy (or ring binding in the case of bachelor's) to the library has been canceled. The assignment of theses is in the UIS and will be locked by the supervisor. The assignment is not inserted into the thesis in PDF (when saving to the UIS). By uploading your thesis to the UIS in your name and with your access data, your thesis will be considered signed.

The dates for the state final exams in economics in LS 2019/20 will be 28 May 2020, 11 June 2020 and 18 June 2020.

The term for the state final exams and oral examination will be 15 June – 3 July 2020.


And please continue to pay close attention to important information that we will be regularly posting at two points in the UIS (according to the seriousness of the message).

You will be regularly kept informed of the current situation and other important information.


We wish you all the best for your nerves and health. Hang in there, keep studying, writing your bachelor’s and master’s theses, and in case of any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Doc. RNDr. Vladimír Krajčík, Ph.D., Rector

Doc. Ing. Ilona Švihlíková, Ph.D., Vice-Rector for School Quality and Development

Ing. Iveta Hamarneh, Ph.D., Vice-Rector for Studies







  • absolvent

    Adam KlavíkTourism Management

    I graduated with a bachelor's degree from the College of European and Regional Studies in České Budějovice and transferred to UCB in Prague to do my master's degree. Great choice – UCB is much more like a public school and the quality of lecturers is 100% better. For example, my teacher Mrs. Palatková is someone to know in tourism.

  • absolvent

    Jan Šrámek

    At UCB, I learned to be independent and gained experience in the field. Wherever we entered student competitions, we walked away with awards. During my studies I became part of the organizational structure of several projects in tourism. I can't wait to start working full time.

  • absolvent

    Petra Benešová

    I graduated from UCB, now I teach here. Much has changed over the years. The school is constantly moving forward, focusing more on gaining practice, the subjects are more professional and tightly focused. Although the competition on the market is huge, UCB is doing very well and I can heartily recommend it.

  • absolvent

    Jana Valentová

    Schools graduated from: School of Performing Arts, PALESTRA Academy of Physical Education and Sport, University College of Business. Motto: Don't be a jerk in life or liar on stage! "So which title do you use?" "None." Laughter. "More important is what I have in my head."

  • absolvent

    Kristína Jíšová

    UCB is one of the few schools in the Czech Republic that really does offer experience. During our studies, we worked on projects where the results were then taken up by the National Monuments Institute. Many lectures were also given by external lecturers, so we learned how things really work in the world.

  • absolvent

    Simona Kremerová

    She works as a Program Coordinator at Smaller Earth. In 2009, she did an internship in New York. She lived in England for three and a half years and worked for an Australian travel agency. Work never bothered Simona, so when she was given the chance to go to America to work as kitchen help, she didn't hesitate for a moment. She got experience, made new friends, and traveled around the United States with the money she earned. This opened the door to job opportunities in Spain and England. She's working today.

  • absolvent

    Jakub Velička

    He studied aviation theory at Oxford Aviation Academy. He completed his practical training in the Czech Republic and Poland. He holds a CPL/ME/IR pilot license. As a child, Jakub dreamed of becoming a pilot one day. He faced a twisting road to it and had to sacrifice a lot. He started off by studying Marketing Communication at the University of Finance and Administration in Prague, then moved to Airline Management at UCB. To save time and money on pilot training, he started his own company. Today he is within reach of his dream.