University College of Business in Prague

is a private higher education institution of the non-university type. The students are provided with education in tourism and air transport accompanied by a wealth of practical experience.


The University College of Business, non-profit organization, (Vysoká škola obchodní v Praze, o.p.s.) has been a private higher education institution with the accredited study programmes of International Territorial Studies and Economy and Management in Transport and Communications since 2000. Over the first decade of its existence it achieved a significant position among the non-university higher education institutions in the Czech Republic. It equipped professionals with quality economic and managerial education and suitable field of specialisation.
The graduates succeed in the labour market and hold significant positions not only in tourism but in the whole spectrum of our economy.

Dynamic increase in the applicant numbers over the recent years has clearly shown that the University College of Business has found a significant place among the higher education institutions in the Czech Republic. At present there are over 2,500 students pursuing their studies at this school. The University College of Business (VSO) is a member of distinguished European organizations active in the fields of tourism, air transport and education, and is a partner of a number of European universities.



Study Programmes

Bachelor Degree Programmes:

  • Tourism
  • Air Transport
  • Aviation Services in Tourism
  • Guide Activities
  • Modified Programme for Further Education College Graduates


Master Degree Programmes:

  • Tourism Management
  • Aviation Business Management

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Graduates of our school

Adam Klavík


Jan Šrámek


Petra Benešová


Jana Valentová


Kristína Jíšová


Simona Kremerová


Jakub Velička


Jaroslava Kolářová


Barbora Malá